I recently met a wonderful store owner. ¬†She advertised “free hugs” on a chalkboard outside her store. ¬†When you entered, you immediately saw all the tufts of tissue paper on the ceiling. ¬†After a purchase, she gave you this paper and pen, and asked that you write a positive thought to share and she would add it to the celing. ¬†She gave me two business cards that read:

1) Don’t worry. ¬†Everything will happen as it should. ¬†S. N. ¬†Goenka

She said after you know what you want read this one—

2) ¬†I know it. ¬†I desire it. ¬†It’s on its way. ¬†Nothing can stop it & there is nothing to worry about. ¬†Wayne Dyer

She also recommended the book E  2  (squared) by Pam Grout.  So I ordered it for my Kindle.

It is about our thoughts and how they influence our world, our lives, our being.  It is based on quantum theory.  There are nine experiments to be conducted by the reader to prove the true value, the true effect of our thinking.

I did the first experiment which was to ask for a sign…that this is real. ¬†I asked for certain date to come into being before my spring break yesterday. ¬†I got the date today and it is!

So, follow me to investigate the results of these experiments.  You might even want to order the book yourself!