When you move, there is always a cleaning, sorting, and passing on of “stuff” that takes place. The family antiques and heirlooms are found and decisions must be made about where the “stuff” will end up, especially if downsizing or if the treasures don’t match the new décor.

My question is-Who is designated the “Keeper of the Stuff?”

Kids, it’s time. It is time for you to have the furniture, the photos, and the report cards that have moved from place to place to place. It’s time for you to look through the notes written to your grandfather while he had cancer, or for you to read about my life in my baby book. It’s time for you to have the ashes of the pet we shared. It’s time for you to care for the hand-embroidered pillow cases by your great-great grandmother. Your turn to enjoy the painted plates from your great grandmother. It’s time for you to share in the memories and the history.

You’d think that one might find some solace in the memories, but it isn’t that way at all. When one is facing with a challenge, reminiscing about what has taken place during one’s life and what might have been is difficult. It is part of an emotional roller coaster. One must be looking ahead, not looking back.

And so, Kids, you can expect some packages arriving in the mail! These treasures will be shipped to your home for you to enjoy and behold. It’s time for you to be “Keepers of the Stuff.”