Sorting through your belongings can be energizing and exhausting, stimulating and depressing, serious and hilarious! In the past 24 hours, I have been down memory lane—and back. The boxes held memories of notes I wrote to my father with cancer, small children’s homemade cards, elementary school report cards, favorite student notes, class reunion updates, high school sweetheart pictures, and a Chinese scroll describing the meaning of my last name my parents purchased in China. I was on the roller coaster of life, and there was no getting off.

Tomorrow when I move an antique from my grandmother circa 1929, I will place the ashes of four pets on the shelves, 1892 collection of LITTLE PRUDY novels, and my English tea set. My life overflows with history. I just didn’t expect to whiz through it in a few hours.

AND, who knows what tomorrow brings. Each day has a miracle. The call I received today was my miracle. The universe shares what should be shared in its own time.

May you cherish your own history…it made you who you are today.