I teach mostly ninth and tenth graders reading. With Florida’s focus on new writing exams, our school is implementing more writing. I wanted to make their writing relevant, educational, and have the opportunity for character enrichment all at the same time.

Our curriculum will focus on a theme; now we are reading about leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Geoffrey Canada. I choose quotes related to the theme of the workshop. Last week was on strength. Did we make discoveries!

One new student disclosed his recent life story which led us to assisting him with some personal items. We were able to have a heart to heart about changes in lives. I, of course, teared up as I read what this young man had been through recently.

Kids also discover who the authors of the quotes are and learn about their lives. Christopher Reeve had one of the quotes this week so the kids Google the author and discovered about his life and trials.

It’s a magical part of my day. They know I blog and value writing as a tool for self discovery and expression. I have this blog and a very beautiful journal that I am using for my life thoughts. I wish I had been writing during all the chapters of my life.