Taking a moment for myself today-and writing you to wish you a magical feeling. Yesterday, we decorated the house (I have been bah-humbug for several years whining that “it’s so much work and who sees it?”) Actually, we have decorated both places and we are all festive-happy, happy, joy, joy.

The thing is, it was therapeutic! You might be like me and not be inthemood, or a little bedraggled from all the shopping and then the planning…BUT, it is really nice to light the tree and sit and meditate.

I think the hardest part of Christmas is missing the good old days. Those Christmas’ when the kids were little, and now the days when the grandkids were little. Not spending the holidays with your parents or missing them. It’s facing all that. So, I try to escape the feelings by not getting excited about the holiday, thus not decorating.

But, I have moved past that this year. And I am taking it slowly, and without such drama. Just one day at a time. Ho, Ho, Ho!