Dedicated to Mandi…

1. I have a baby brother I don’t remember-he lives in heaven. I can’t wait to meet him and have a sibling. It gets lonely down here.
2. I am on a new health diet-not to lose weight but to control some issues.
3. It means limiting lactose and gluten. In 30 days, I have had only two rough days! And I don’t miss anything not on the list.
4. I don’t have Instagram or Facebook because I don’t need the drama or the upkeep.
5. I like all my chachkas-although I could save 30 minutes a week in dusting!
6. I have to have an orderly house, too, or I am nuts!
7. I love my yoga pants!!!
8. I love my coffee int he morning. The best purchase ever was my set ahead coffee maker! I feel like a princess in the morning!
9. Right at 6 AM I sit down with a cup of Joe and just daydream to wake up.
10. To be on time, I have to be early.
11. My bed is always made every day! Pillows and everything.
12. I love anything citrus-even perfume.
13. I am fascinated with birds and squirrels. I talk to the ones in my mom and dad’s back yard…just like my dad did!
14. I love shrimp.
15. I hate peanut butter.
16. I have 5 beautiful grandchildren…and are they smart!
17. My mother is a hoot.
18. I love to send birthday cards. And I love presents.
19. I love crayons, colored pens and pencils, and color-coding my calendar.
20. I can’t wait to retire so I can read all day!